Day 2 - Saturday, 17 March 2018

Keynote LecturesShaw Auditorium
Chairs : Paul LAI, Shekhar KUMTA

09:10 -
Programmatic Assessment: A Mind Shift in Assessment Culture
Cees VAN DER VLEUTEN, Maastricht University
09:40 -
Innovation in Assessment in Medical Education
Roger WONG, University of British Columbia


Bioethics Symposium 1 Shaw auditorium
Chairs : Justin WU, Albert LI
10:10 - Challenges of Medical Professionalism in China
Yali CONG, Peking University
10:40 - Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legalized in East Asian Societies?
Ruiping FAN, City University of Hong Kong
11:10 -
Observations on Using News Cases and Beauchamp's Four Principles in Teaching Students in Health Service Management
Derrick AU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Workshop 4Room 301 (3/F)
10:10 -
Using Behavioural Anchors in Practice as a Means to Define Professionalism
Facilitator: Shekhar KUMTA

Free Papers - Teaching and Learning 2Seminar Room (1/F)
Chairs : Hideki KASUYA, Young-Mee LEE
10:10 -
An Interprofessional Educational Approach to Patient Centred Care in the Community: Gains and Challenges
Carmen WONG, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
10:25 - Work or Not Work: The Innovative Flipped Clinical eLearning Platform for Objective Structural Clinical Examination Preparation
Heyson CHAN, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
10:40 - A Generalizability Theory Approach to Estimate Reliability of Multiple Perspective Assessment for Rational Drug Use Media
Anupong KANTIWONG, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Bangkok
10:55 - Workload as a Barrier to Progress; New Teaching Strategies Required in Advanced Nurse Practitioner Education
Sarah BILLINGSLEY, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
11:10 - Interactive Teaching-Learning Activities: Impact on the Medical Students Academic Performances
Emdadul HAQUE, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak
11:25 -
Use of Cadaver in Medical Education: The Views of the Undergraduate Medical Students
Shahnaj PERVIN, Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia


coffee breakFoyer

11:40 - 12:00


Bioethics Symposium 2Shaw auditorium
Chairs : Hon Lam LI, Alexandra LO
12:00 -
Dementia and Dignity in Later Life
Nancy JECKER, University of Washington
12:30 -
Keeping them Awake : Strategies to Keep Students Engaged in Medical Ethics
Barbra ROTHSCHILD, Columbia University
13:00 -
Reflection on The Clinical Implementation of Medical Ethics Education
Daniel TSAI, Taiwan National University

Workshop 4 (continued)Room 301 (3/F)
12:00 - 13:15
Using Behavioural Anchors in Practice as a Means to Define Professionalism (continued)
Facilitator: Shekhar KUMTA

Free Papers – Professionalism 1 Seminar Room (1/F)
Chairs : Simon NG, Anna LEE
12:00 -
Diagnostician, Confidant & Judge: A Qualitative Study of Educators as Medical Student Advisors
Wendy HU, Western Sydney University
12:15 - Using the Integrated Palliative Care Outcome Scale (Traditional Chinese Version) as Teaching Materials for Simulation Education in Palliative Care to Junior Medical Students in Taiwan
Li-Lin KUO, Taipei City Hospital
12:30 - Cultivating a Culture of Compassion and Altruism among Future Physicians: The Key Roles of Medical Education and Clinical Training
Pacifico CALDERON, Perpetual Help College of Manila
12:45 -
What Learning Resource Persons do Clinical Medical Students Prefer?
Sakarn CHAROENSAKULCHAI, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Bangkok
13:00 -
Can Empathy be Taught? Lessons from Teaching Communication Skills to Medical Students
Jacqueline YUEN, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


13:15 - 14:00

Keynote LecturesShaw Auditorium
Chairs : Derrick AU, Gavin JOYNT

14:00 - Enhancing Bioethics Education: Addressing Challenges New and Old
Robert KLITZMAN, Columbia University
14:30 -
Professionalism and provider – patient relationship
Nancy JECKER, University of Washington


Workshop 5 Room 301 (3/F)
15:00 -
Assessment in Bioethics in the Undergraduate Medical Programme
  Facilitators: Wee Ming LAU
Workshop 6Seminar Room (1/F)
15:00 -
Student-centered, Self-directed and Simulation-oriented Learning of Professionalism with the aid of PBL and TBL
Facilitator: David KWAN

Free Papers - Professionalism 2Kai Chong tong
Chairs : Vincent MOK, Alex VLANTIS
15:00 -
Exploring the Medical Students’ Perspective in Integrating the Islamic Principles into Scientific Medical Teaching
Natasya ABDULLAH, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
15:15 - Character Traits of Repeating Medical Students may Reflect their Future Professionalism
Nik NAZRI, University of Malaya
15:30 - Professionalism Perspectives among Medical Students of a Novel Medical Graduate School in Malaysia
Mainul HAQUE, Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia
15:45 - Medical Interns’ Experiences of Open Disclosure after Medication Error, Following Prior Education Using Hi-Fidelity Simulation: Establishing ‘Readiness to Apologize’ with Reference to the Competency Matrix
Stuart LANE, Sydney Medical School
16:00 - Medical Students’ Learning Experiences of Open Disclosure after Medication Error Using Hi-Fidelity Simulation: Optimizing the Environment of Learning to Promote a Growth Mindset in Learners
Stuart LANE, Sydney Medical School
16:15 - Embedding Professional Values through Elective Postings
Wei Han HONG, University of Malaya
16:30 -
The Change of Characteristics in Emotional Competence during the Clerk-Turning-Intern Stage of Medical Students in Taiwan
Chun-Lin CHU, National Taiwan University Hospital
16:45 - What is the Big Deal? Helping Students to See the “Big Deal” in the Student Professionalism
Nurul Atira KHAIRUL ANHAR HOLDER, University of Malaya
17:00 - The Cultivation of Caring Attitude in Undergraduate Nursing Education: Implication from a Local Focus Group Study
Gigi LING, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
17:15 - How we do it: Breaking Bad News Workshop as Peer-Assisted Learning Project in Primary Care Clerkship
Nur RAHMAN, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
17:30 -
Developing Role Models in Clinical Settings: a Qualitative Study
Sonia HAIDER, Aga Khan University, Karachi
Free Paper - Teaching and Learning 3Shaw Auditorium
Chairs : Hector CHAN, Simon AU
15:00 -
The Adoption of an Innovation: How Workplace-Based Assessment has been Implemented across Postgraduate Medical Education in Australia
Mary LAWSON, Deakin University, Australia
15:15 - Service-Learning Enhanced Humanistic Caring Ability and Empathy of Medical Students: A Study from Shantou University Medical College
Zhanqin HUANG, Shantou University Medical College
15:30 - Team Based Learning (TBL): Students’ Perception and Benefits on Learning
Noor ZULKIFLI, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
15:45 -
Preferred Teaching Methods by Medical and Dental Students of a Private University: The Students' Perception
Swe Latt SWE, AIMST University, Malaysia
16:00 - Team Size and Cohesiveness Affect Achievements of Interprofessional Teams in Team-based Learning
Lap Ki CHAN, The University of Hong Kong
16:15 - First Aid Training and Certification for Childcare Providers (FAT4CP) Program Improves the Knowledge, Attitude and Confidence among Negeri Sembilan Childcare Providers
Mohd NADIA, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
16:30 - Gift Of Life Donations (GOLD) for Childhood Cancer. A Community Project on Raising Funds and Awareness
Hui Ling ONG, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
16:45 - Development & Acceptance of a First Aid Written Module for Childcare Providers Participating In FAT4CP© Programme
Mohd SAHAR, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
17:00 - Assessment of Pulmonary Histopathology Skills using External Quality Assurance Schemes
Muhammad BARI, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi
17:15 -
Factors Influencing the Transition of New Medical Educators into Academia
Suhaila SANIP, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia