Welcome from the organizing committee

We extend a very warm welcome to all medical teachers to attend the second Medical Education Conference of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUMEC) for March 16-17, 2018. The First CUMEC of 2017 was a resounding success, with nearly 300 registrants from 15 different areas of the world. Please see CUMEC 2017
CUMEC will continue to focus on the areas of BIOETHICS, PROFESSIONALISM AND WORKPLACE ASSESSMENT, three critical and under-studied areas in medical education.
If you are a medical teacher with an interest in one of these areas, we are the conference you should not miss. There is no other medical education conference which focus on these three topics. Already, nine international speakers have agreed to speak at this conference. See under Speakers.
A Network for Bioethics and Professionalism for Medical Education (APBPMed) was already formed by 12 international experts in the region and some of them will be involved with the conference.
Also, we welcome free papers from all areas of medical education. Please see under "Call for Free Papers".
We are also calling for Workshops for the conference. Accepted workshops are "Behavioral anchors to determine professionalism" and "Social Media and Privacy in Medical Education". Please see under Call for Workshops.
Hong Kong is the world city you should visit at least once, and probably many more times.

Ho Keung NG

Shekhar KUMTA

Paul B S LAI



Albert LI


Margaret WF CHEUNG

Dean, faculty of medicine

Francis KL CHAN